What Are The Benefits Of French Press Coffee

A French press is your go-to coffee brewing technique if you love flavorful and full-bodied coffee. Are you not familiar with the term “French press”? Do you know the benefits of French press? Well, to put it simply, a French press is simply a manual coffee maker with a built-in filter, a plunger, and a cylindrical carafe that brews the coffee.

For the most part, it uses hot-boiled water to sheer coarse grinds for at least four minutes. Unlike stovetop brewing or drip-coffee-making methods, a French press is undoubtedly a more gentle approach. Also, with this brewing method, coffee does not sit on a warming plate; thus, it does not turn bitter.

In this post, we’ve outlined a few important things that you need to know about using a coffee press. Reads on to know more!

What Are The Benefits Of French Press Coffee

Medical experts have long expressed the immaculate benefits of tea and coffee for the neurological and cardiovascular system. The French press coffee brewing method enables leaves and coffee grounds to be submerged in hot water directly.

Thus, enabling the essential oils in tea and coffee to diffuse in the hot water. Hence, good ingredients like nutrients and antioxidants end up in your coffee.

The following are the main benefits of French press coffee:

  • French press coffee is normally rich in a powerful anticancer compound called methylpyridinium.
  • French press coffee helps the human body rejuvenate and heal from damage.
  • French press coffee is rich in antioxidant solutions.
  • French press coffee has a remarkable full taste.

How It Works

using a coffee press

You can make a coffee with a French press by submerging the coffee grounds in very hot water. Then, separating the coffee from the grounds by pressing down the filter. Take note that the water’s temperature must be at least 93.333°C to make the best use of the flavor extraction.

Beyond this temperature, you can expect that your coffee will be burnt. On the other hand, if the temperature is lower than 93.333°C, then your coffee will be watered-down, tasting flavorless and under-extracted.

The main benefits of French press coffee maker are the following:

  • Emits small footprint
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean and use

Things You Need To Make French Press Coffee

Most manual coffee brewing guides or directions are simple. For the most part, you first need to put coffee grounds in the carafe, mix with very hot water, wait for at least four minutes, submerge, and there you have it. 

You have the perfect coffee even if you are lucky and reap the benefits of the French press. The following are some of the things that you will need to make French press coffee:

  • Coffee Scoop. Measure your coffee grounds using a coffee scoop. It is a surefire way to get invariably excellent tasting coffee.
  • Kettle. Use a kettle to boil water beforehand. It will make pouring hot boiled water safer and effortless into the French press.
  • Coffee Grinder. Most coffee experts suggest grinding your own coffee beans at home to get the best-tasting coffee. Make sure to get a coffee grinder for French press.
  • Coffee Beans. Generally speaking, the perfect coffee is subjective. However, freshly-roasted, high-quality coffee beans will undoubtedly give you the best cup of coffee. In terms of choosing coffee beans, you would want something that’s woody, earthy, nutty, full-bodied, smoky, and French roast.
  • Filtered Water. Always use water that you’d normally drink to brew your coffee. Keep in mind that filtered water is free from odors and impurities that impact the taste of your coffee. 

Brewing Coffee Using A French Press Coffee Maker

benefits of French press

With a French press coffee maker, a ratio of 1:16 coffee to water is recommended. It translates to two cups of water and at least six tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee. Additionally, experts recommend that you grind your own beans.

Here’s how to brew coffee using a French press coffee maker:

    • Boil water to about 200ºF.
    • Put the coffee grounds to the decanter and then the hot water.
    • Cover the carafe with the plunger and sheer for at least four minutes.
    • Press down the plunger and serve the coffee immediately.


After each use, make sure to clean your French press. Keep in mind that oil residue and coffee grounds on the filter and the carriage will give bitterness into your coffee. Ensure to scrub off any residual oils and deposits. 

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