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Starbucks Verismo Vs Keurig – Which Coffee Maker Is Best?

With coffee being the most obsessed over a beverage, the Verismo vs Keurig comparison is perhaps one of the most common nowadays. Coffee makers revolutionize contemporary coffee drinking and one no longer needs brewing an entire batch of coffee only to squander most of it away.

Owing to the fame of the Keurig creations and Starbucks Verismo, personal and special coffee-making is now efficient and rapid. So in the battle of Starbucks Verismo vs Keurig, who reigns supreme? We break down everything about the coffee makers that sets them apart from each other. But before that, you must know what these two offers individually.


Starbucks Verismo


The Verismo gives the feel of being in a Starbucks and sipping your beloved and familiar cup of coffee. While the Keurig has its K cups and the Verismo its pods, in the showdown of the Verismo pods vs K cups, the pods are optimized to brew an exact cup of Starbucks coffee. While the mega-coffee chain does have major opponents, there are many lovers of this big coffee brand–and the Verismo is formulated precisely for the Starbucks loyalists.

The Verismo can prepare brewed coffee, espresso shots, and milk-based coffee, depending on the pods you use. It has high-pressure extraction to press the coffee out of the pod completely and is ready to brew in just a few seconds.

  • Premium quality
  • Highly popular coffee line
  • Ready in no time
  • Limited range of products





The Keurig is the typical compact single-cup coffee machine that comes in ten different hues, so it will match your style perfectly. It offers various brew sizes to regulate the strength of your brew. While it does not have a big reservoir like the Verismo, you only need to pour water in before each cup usage.

The best part is its compatibility with the available coffee brands. Keurig has handled many coffees, and that means that you can get whatever type of coffee you want, or utilize one of those reusable cups and fill it with your own ground coffee. This portable, energy-efficient machine fulfills its purpose and does it well. While it may be a tad slower than the Verismo, it does brew some divine coffee.

  • Versatile
  • Matching products in the market
  • Wide range of flavors
  • Pricey


Verismo vs Keurig – The Ultimate Showdown

As we have given you a brief overview of both products, now is the time for the ultimate head to head to see the difference between these two.

Performance and Design

The Verismo brewer is small and lightweight, only works with Starbucks Verismo pods, and can create all of Starbucks’ signature drinks even better than their trained baristas. Speed is one of the nicest features here; the Verismo will give you a cup of coffee in fifty-two seconds, espresso in thirteen seconds, and milk in thirty-two seconds. Its pods are easy to plop into the coffee machine, and a container holds spent pods. The machine’s capacity is ten pods. Draining the compartment is simple and straightforward without causing any fuss. While its pod range may be limited, it still offers amazing signature Starbucks coffee.

The Keurig has hundreds of numerous types of cups and it can brew any coffee brand like a dream. While it is compact, it is bigger compared to Verismo. The main disparity is in the dimensions, water reservoir size, and general appearance. The Keurig comes in an elegant style and adorns your shelf space. The mechanism it uses is a pressure system, which is famous and relatively quick. There is a compartment available for used pods, but the cleaning of this machine is not as easy as the Verismo. You will need to spare a good amount of minutes to clean a machine.

Its K cups are more affordable and offer unique flavors; you can also get a hot chocolate or some chai latte anytime you want.


The Keurig primarily uses tough plastics with the smallest technological improvements, so it should easily last long with zero technical issues. 

Likewise, the Verismo gets admiration for its vitality and maintained functionality for that is long-term. Both appliances are perfect due to their modest, intuitive layouts, and expect minimal maintenance. They give you no hassle during their usage and will be with you for a long time. Both the Verismo and the Keurig are simple, easy-to-use machines.

While they are mainly designed to be instant coffee dispensary systems, if the machine has not been utilized for some time, you may find it will take a few moments to reheat and begin dispensing coffee. However, they are identical in delivering the best.

Starbucks Verismo Vs Keurig Price

Starbucks Verismo Vs Keurig Price

The Keurig coffee machine is a little higher in price than the Verismo coffee maker. However, considering the many features, the price is probably justifiable. The Verismo coffee maker is a bit economical, but if you begin calculating how much you will have to part with by purchasing the Verismo pods, then the all-around cost really adds up.

The coffee pods’ expense is a crucial factor since this is going to be a recurring expenditure. The Keurig K-cups are commonly cheaper than the Verismo coffee pods. Acquiring one new Verismo with a box of 72 Verismo Pods will amount to $264, while the same batch of a Keurig and a box of 72 K-Cups will cost around $220.

Consumers’ Opinion-The Verdict?

The reviews are amazingly positive for both products. Customers share their experiences where they had either their Verismo or Keurig for around a year, with minimal to zero breakdowns. It shows that the making of both these products is top-notch and both brands offer quick customer service when required. However, when it comes to Verismo vs Keurig and choosing the ultimate winner? It is all about personal preference and the money you are willing to spend on your love of coffee.

There are no complaint patterns regarding the performance of both these machines. They are sturdy and very well made to cater to the needs of coffee enthusiasts. Both brands have a certain reputation and they aim to bring the best for coffee lovers everywhere.

Final Words

It is virtually impossible to deduce which brand in the Verismo vs Keurig war wins. These are distinct coffee machine makers, with several unique advantages, so declaring a clear-cut winner is not possible. Nonetheless, if you are looking for an inexpensive machine that will attend to you for many years, Verismo is the best option. On the other hand, if you prefer a more sophisticated machine, Keurig is the way to go. Suffice to say; both these machines will have your delicious coffee ready in no time. If you need more choice, please check the Nespresso vs Keurig differences.

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