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Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 vs CF092 Comparison

So, the gauntlet has been thrown. It’s CF091 vs CF092 for the win! 

Let’s all get our popcorns and watch the match, shall we?

Firstly, we are not anyone’s cup of coffee, so we are not here to tell you where to put your money. We’ll let you pick your winner, and, of course, make the gamble worth it. 

 So, you like your coffee brewed you say? Of course you do, is there any other kind?! 

 Then stay tuned and let the fight begin.

 3, 2, 1…..start! 

The First Competitor Is The Notorious Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091


Our first competitor is the wild Ninja CF091. It’s one mean coffee maker, serving your coffee with a pod free single-serve system. Pretty impressive, huh? 

Wait, that’s not all, we’re just getting started.

This mean machine is lookin’ all fresh with parts made out of hardened plastic and its super cool black finish. 

We heard your majesties hit a rough coffee patch and you liked to spice things up.

Well, your prayers have just been answered. Ninja coffee bar cf091 offers numerous brew types and even more cup sizes at your very disposal. These things don’t just happen, you know?

It takes one special coffee brewer to shake up your world. Nothing ever will be the same for you. 

Especially if talk about control panels, never in your life have you operated something so simple. 

Even your dog can order itself a cup of freshly made latte macchiato. 

And if you get all mathematical on us, the water reservoir is 54oz.   

And don’t let us get started on the built-in frother. Man, that thing can make such a tasty foam that will rock your coffee world, we assure you!

Our Second Competitor Is Ninja Coffee Bar CF092

Ninja Coffee Bar CF092


This one is also an out-of-this-world coffee brewer with a glass carafe system, brought on this arena by Ninja Kitchen.

When it comes to looks, hat’s down. It’s elegant, refined, made of top-notch quality plastic parts. 

Making this Ninja coffee bar models comparison, it’s no easy for anyone, especially to us. 

But if you guys are the versatile type and like to mix things up, than cf092 is the way to go. This fella brewer will make your coffee in a pot or as a single-serve. Not bad, right?

It’s too early to be impressed. Buckle up, because our ninja cf092 journey has just started. 

Did we tell you that this buddy has six brew sizes? Well, there’s no hungover in this world that ninja coffee bar cf091 can’t cure. And the sleek foam of its built-in frother system? There are no words.

Oh, yes, we forgot the mathematics. The carafe is a 43oz cup one, sitting on its very own heating plate.

Ninja Kitchen have thought about everything while conceiving this baby. 

Speed. Yes, speed, you heard us. Do you like your coffee done in under 7 minutes? You have it madam.  

This coffee maker provides the number of brewing programs that allow you to make a coffer according to your preference.

Now, enough with the games. Place your bets because the ninja coffee bar models comparison is about to commence.

CF091 Vs CF092 Dimensions And Looks

cf091 vs cf092 ninja coffee bar models comparison

Our first buddy, the incredible CF091 is 9.21” in depth, 11.96 in width and 15.00” in height and it weighs 12.7 lbs.

The beauty CF092 weighs 13.8 lbs and its 15” in depth, 11.3” and 16.3” in height. This is a bigger one, but don’t be quick to place all your money on just measurements.

When it comes to looks, one cannot choose. Both are made from durable and tough plastics, looking all classy and modern. Both of their reservoirs are big and made of clear plastic.

They are so cute they fit basically everywhere. Perfect for your kitchen as well as for your office happy hours. So if we talk about design, both of them are constructed from thick plastic parts, but they are quite tough and durable.


Gadgets are not what they lack. Both Ninja Coffee Bar CF091, as well as CF092i, have a mean built-in frother system on the right side of the machine. It comes so in hand, especially for us how like their foam drippin’ and steaming hot.  

When we were saying that your dog can order itself a cup of coffee from these machines, we weren’t kidding. The control panel has a Multi-Serve Dial that shall assist you in choosing out of the six brew sizes out there and if you get all picky on us, you shall also be offered 5 brewing programs. It’s all taste, but oh, so much better.

You can treat yourselves with a cup of old Classic, or maybe a hint of Rich and even the Over Ice. 

 And since we all are lazy bones when it comes to tidying things up, these two babies have options like automatic cleaning. And for those of you who like it hot, you have to just press the Stay warm button and poof. The machine will keep your water perfectly well and warm.


Now, about ‘em accessories. Not getting all girly about it, but when making a decision, one has to think about them. Yes, your wife is right. They are important.

So, we agree that both machines are great. Fabulous. 

They even share the same accessories like a permanent reusable filter and the 50-oz glass carafe, but our second guy here, the CF092 has a 22-oz Ninja XL Hot & Cold Multi-Serve tumbler. 

You never heard of it, of course. But in the coffee world, that means preparing two different drinks at a time.

And in the humans’ world, that means ‘Oh my God!’

The Curtain Falls Ladies And Gentlemen! CF091 Vs CF092 Conclusion

Cf091 vs cf092 time is over. We had so much fun; you have to admit.

Like everything in this world, it all a matter of taste and decisions (not necessarily bad ones).

Since these two guys made you while worth and showed you a good value for your money, it’s now completely up to you to pick your winner.

Everything comes down to whether you like two drinks prepared at a time or not. If you are a two-cups-of-coffee type of a fella, then you should definitely go for Ninja Coffee Bar CF092. That’s your guy. Everything else is completely and utterly the same at both machines. 

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