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Nespresso VertuoLine vs Evoluo: What Are the Differences?

We all love a cup of strong espresso or a nice creamy cappuccino. So in the hard task that it is in making any of these, we just give, decide that’s too much of a task in the morning for a single person and we simply go to a café which is well-known for making these little buddies excellent.

But (there’s always one), what if we told you that there’s a silver lining? There are no just black clouds on your coffee sky? Pretty dope, isn’t it so?

Let’s Start The Battle Between Nespresso VertuoLine vs Evoluo

We proudly present you Evoluo and VertuoLine, one of the meanest single-serve brewers that Nespresso has ever done. Being all about coffee and trying to bring the best of the coffee world that there is, there are, of course, tons of similarities between these two guys. But they are not the same. No, no. Nespresso won’t do that to us.

So, let’s get going and see which shoe fits you gals and boys best, and what are the differences. Let’s do the math.

Nespresso VertuoLine vs Evoluo Looks

nespresso evoluo vs vertuoline

If you know Nespresso, you know they are all about simplicity. So, their designs are just like that. Simple.

There’s a water tank on the left side, which is so easy to remove, empty, fill and clean. Easy-peasy. There’s just this small, tiny thing which you mind find it hard to swallow. There’s no water filter in both of the machines, so you may want to change your water a couple of times a day. So may your day start with changing those muddy waters.

On the right part of both of these Nespresso machines, there’s a cute capsule container. There’s room for 14 of these babies.

Now, let’s talk about some measures. Evoluo measures are 9.0 x 12.3 x 12.2 inches and it comes weighing 11 pounds. It’s no chubby this one; we’ll give them that.

But his counterpart Nespresso VertuoLine is even slimmer. It weighs just 10 lbs and it’s 11.9 x 8.3 x 11.9 inches.

If you get all measure-y on us, you may go for the lighter one. But let’s not make a fuss over a pound. It’s not like it’s on our hips.

Both are not the grandeur type of machines, so you can even put them in your pocket. You know, for the extra hard days. Just kidding. They won’t take all of your kitchen home or office counter.

Cups matter

It’s not easy fighting the battle Vertuo vs Evoluo, so we know that all of you guys want to talk cups.

Cups do matter, isn’t it so guys?

These Nespresso’s babies have the standard 7.77 ounces/230 milliliter for coffee and the 1.35 ounces/40 milliliter for espresso. But, hey, wait! This does not end here. Before you go all feisty, make sure you have count all your cups.

If you go for VertuoLine, you can add 2 more cup sizes and if you decide on Evoluo, you can have 5 more.

There are no limits to your possibilities with both of these guys. By changing the position of your cup support, you can have the size of the coffee that you want.

Oh, we almost forgot. This cup support thingy is removable, so you guys can even fit a pot in here, yeah.

Nespresso VertuoLine vs Evoluo Utility

nespresso vertuo vs evoluo

When talking Nespresso Vertuo vs Evoluo, we are talking speed. We mean, who wants a slow coffee? So in the rush that our morning is, we know we love our coffee all brewed, hot and foamy while we brush our teeth.

Yes, you can relax because Nespresso had that in mind while making both VertuoLine and Evoluo. And they are so easy to operate. We mean, even your grandma that grew up in the no-TV era could make you a cup. A single button push is all there is to it.

So, you guys turn the lever to the right, put your preferred capsule downwards, make sure that the head is closed and turn the lever on the left. That’s how you make sure that you have won’t have coffee all over the counter. Once you have this done, the Centrifusion starts, and you just wait to be amazed.

Centrifusion?! What is that?!

It’s a mind-blowing thing that the guys from Nespresso use in the machines to make your coffee smell, taste and look like it just came out of a brewery in Italy.

We already told you that it’s all a matter of a single button push. It’s because it really is. You touch the little button and the Centrifusion technology does its magic. It reads the capsule’s rim bar code and moves it around in a 7000 RPM (rotations per minute).

The parameters are automatically adjusted to perfection; you can have the best of the coffee world.

The Auto Shut-Off thing

Both of the machines are very easy to operate. So in order to give them some rest, all you have to do is press the single button and hold it for 3 seconds. And poof, there you have it! Your baby is sound asleep.

But the show does not stop here. In a perfect coffee machine world, when the machine’s not working for 9 minutes, it automatically shuts down. Yes, this is it—the perfect coffee world. You are welcome.

What about cleaning?

evoluo vs.vertuoline

Not a fan of cleaning, right? Yes, we get that. But worry no more. With Nespresso VirtuoLine and Evoluo you don’t have to get your hands dirty at all. These brewers eject the pods in a box when the brewing is done and you open the head.

This comes so much in handy since we all know how boring of a task is to clean up after your coffee mess every time you need a cup.

However, it’s not that you won’t need to clean it at all. That is, of course, if you want to have a decent cup of coffee. When doing so, use the Nespresso Descaling Solution Kit, which is a specially designed kit from Nespresso, makes sure that everything is clean and up for a rerun.

The Evoluo vs Vertuo saga does not end here

When you put your money on either of these machines, you’ll get an instruction manual, a milk frother and 12 pods as well. Eight of them are regular coffee pods and the other 4 are espresso pods. Quite the package, huh? Because of this, they are falling in the best espresso makers under $300 category.

If you are huge fans of a luscious foam and strong fragrance note like us, then you have nothing to worry about when choosing either of these two guys. Both of them have their very own milk frother. It’s like nothing you ever tasted before when it comes to coffee.

Nespresso VertuoLine vs Evoluo What Exactly Are Differences?

Well, the first one is the power heating system. Rumor has it that the Nespresso VertuoLine makes warm coffees. So if you really like it hot, take this into consideration. Due to the large percentage of coffee, one could only think that coffees are better served warm.

That’s why Nespresso added up 1600W in Evoluo to the heating element in its machine due to the overwhelming rumors of them being the servers of warm coffee. So now you can have your favorite cup of espresso, macchiato, Americano, cappuccino or even iced coffee in just 45 seconds. Pretty impressive, huh?

Money talks

When it comes to money, we know that they are almost always the deal-breakers. But we must do the money talks. We know about these machines because they require to pay an additional $30 to $50 for more cup size adjustments and for the heating elements.

Both of these buddies of ours, Nespresso VertuoLine and Evoluo, are stacked with 12 pods, so you’ll have to buy some more when you use them all. A single pod costs around $1.3 each, but a package of more will cost you around $60. However you choose to look at it, it shall cost you less than having a coffee at Starbucks.

The Final Decision: Nespresso Evoluo or Vertuo?

nespresso vertuoline evoluo

Now when you have all the information, it’s solely up to you to pick your cups. We know we’ve been going on and on about the machines, but if you want a one-line reason why to pick one of them, here you have it:

Nespresso VirtuoLine: If you don’t want to spend big bucks and you don’t mind the smaller size or the not-so-powerful heating system.

Nespresso Evoluo: If you don’t care about the extra bucks and you want a more powerful heating system.

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