Macchiato Vs Cappuccino – What’s the Big Difference?

Macchiato vs cappuccino is the topic that often comes up when you are sitting with your coffee buddies, right? Well, on the baseline, they both have espresso in them, but with different proportions of milk in it. So, let’s see what each macchiato and cappuccino has to offer to your taste buds. 

The Classy Macchiato:

Macchiato is one of the most loved forms of coffee as it has a strong taste but does not get too intense. It has a cup full of brewed espresso with just a hint of steamed milk on top of it. The baristas usually serve it in small shots, as the espresso does not have much milk to go with it. 

Well, from a cappuccino vs. macchiato point of view, macchiato has a layered appearance. And it is quite intriguing to look at how all the layers in the coffee are so well balanced. When you gulp down this coffee, you experience different kinds of taste. Beginning off with the milky sweet and ending at the classic bitter taste of espresso. So, if you are a coffee enthusiast, you will love macchiato. However, it might not be for you if you are used to lattes and mochas. 

Latte macchiato is a variant of macchiato that you can go for if you have a preference for lattes. The only difference between latte macchiato and cappuccino is that cappuccino has more milk. 

The Divine Cappuccino:

difference between latte macchiato and cappuccino

Okay, so cappuccino is the most popular coffee variation that people opt for. The frothy and creamy appearance alone is enough to make you want it. But, as far as the taste-wise dimension of macchiato vs cappuccino is concerned, it has more of a sweet taste than a macchiato. 

Cappuccino comes with a hefty amount of steamed milk with a topping of foamed milk. That creamy texture gives the baristas more room to play with coffee aesthetics. So, if you are into creamy and frothy coffee mixes, you will love cappuccino. Moreover, cappuccino has a subdued taste of espresso with all the milk in it. Thus, you will not experience the regular bitterness of coffee if you are not fond of it. 

Macchiato vs Cappuccino: The Winner?

Both macchiato and cappuccino are unique in their ways. So, before giving a ruling on which one is better, let’s have a look at the significant macchiato vs cappuccino points.  

  • Macchiato has a layered appearance with the most proportion of espresso and a tiny amount of milk at the top. Whereas cappuccino has a higher ratio of milk, and the appearance is all well-blended and creamy.
  • Macchiato has a strong hint of espresso, while you do not experience the bitterness of coffee in a cappuccino. 
  • Cappuccino is much more aesthetically pleasing than macchiato as it has a frothy layer at the top. This way, you can have your favorite coffee art done on the cappuccino. But, macchiato will not be able to hold it since there is scanty milk on it.
  • Cappuccino is more of a morning coffee with the espresso to wake you up and the foamed milk to help you feel fresh. However, the macchiato is a more suitable coffee for later in the day. It helps you stay active and look forward to the tasks at hand. 

So, it all boils down to if you like frothy and creamy coffee more or a strong espresso with just a dab of milk.

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