How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last? Here’s The Answer For You

Are dairy products often spoiled quickly? How long does coffee creamer last? If you wonder about the same question, you have come to the right place.

However, the point isn’t about the due date; it rather concerns whether the coffee is still drinkable after hours of storage. Some of you might even wonder about the quality of the creamer. How long can it last?

We will know about these facts soon enough. Before that, let’s learn a more important aspect: the types of creamers. Not all of them are dairy products. Would it then affect the lasting capability when you see a coffee? Make sure to read the entire article to curb your curiosity.

Coffee creamer #typeone: Non-dairy

how to tell if coffee creamer is bad

The topic itself conveys everything about the type of product we would discuss: the creamer that isn’t made out of the dairy aspect. 

After buying the product, ensure to remember the company and the store. If they have refrigerated it, you need to do the same before you open the creamer. It’s a common practice of keeping the product cold before opening.

When you buy from a particular company, you would see special instructions and info about the creamer. The red flag occurs when you opt for buying something that hasn’t been refrigerated.

Wondering how to tell if coffee creamer is bad? Here’s a quick solution for you. Follow these three steps: inspect its smell, consistency, and color. Some brave householders even taste it. You can do the same, and throw it away in case something’s wrong with the creamer.

Creamer #typetwo: dairy product

drinking expired coffee creamer

Before using, go through the expiration date with this type of creamer. Drinking expired coffee creamer might lead you to food poisoning. Make sure to throw it away after one or two days. Of course, the companies will tell you that you can consume it within four or five days.

If you’re still pondering how long can coffee creamer sits out, check the consistency and smell. Please don’t force it down your throat after adding it to the coffee blindly.

Creamer #typethree: sealed product

Sealed creamers are common among householders that are crucial in every office. The good thing is that the shelf life of this creamer lasts for six months. If you are going on a vacation, a sealed product can be the best choice.

You don’t need to refrigerate it. However, after opening it, you can’t seal it again because it’s not reusable. That’s why if you are opening the seal, you can either use all of it or dump it in the garbage.

Creamer #typefour: powdered product

does coffee creamer go bad

Does coffee creamer go bad? Don’t be so concerned with the powdered product. This item can have the most extended shelf life. However, the creamer is ideal for the householders who don’t use it often.

The same batch can last as long as two years. For that, keep the creamer away from places filled with moisture.

It is also essential to seal it correctly so you won’t end up asking the question “how long does coffee creamer last” in the future.

The other option is to check the consistency. Suppose you find it lumpy, through the powdered creamer away instantly. Tasting it is also another way to test the creamer. Sometimes, even if the product turns terrible, you may not see the visible signs. You can determine the quality of the creamer by tasting it.

How Long Does Coffee Creamer Last Parting Thoughts

The quality and the creamer expiry depends on the type of product you purchased. Don’t worry too much about the question, “how long is coffee creamer good for you?” If you want something that can last longer, buy the powdered product. However, you can also go for the non-dairy aspect if you’re a vegan. Check out the latest products and expiration date along with the company before you buy it.

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