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De’longhi CEP 3420 Bar Pump Espresso Machine Review

De’longhi CEP 3420 Bar pump is the most popular espresso machine globally, and it comes with an attachment that makes it compatible with espresso pods. The Advance cappuccino system and Panarello wand are different from other machines, which is a significant feature of this espresso machine.


De’longhi CEP 3420 Bar Pump Espresso Machine Review

The pressurized portafilter of this machine can help to ensure the optimal pressure for rich creme when using ESE pods. When you are making coffee with a coffee maker, the essential thing is to provide that fresh ground coffee beans; otherwise, you didn’t get much batter coffee.

De’longhi ESE 3420 is a semi-automatic and manual machine, and it has a regulator to control pressure and the water heating system. You can control the temperature and other processes easily with this controller. You also can pull and stop the process of making espresso.     

I think this is the best option for you to make your favorite drink like espresso, coffee, latte, or cappuccino as you like, and you can control the process measurement you want. It has 3 in 1 portafilter, which is suitable for use. You can get single or double shots of espresso or use ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pod filter.

Another benefit of this machine is the external and internal boiler stainless steel plate equipped with a double filter. This machine is good-looking with a compact design. You are quickly getting comfortable with making coffee with this espresso machine. The size of this machine is not too much so you can keep it in your kitchen, office or another place.

The drip tray accommodates a larger cup and convenient storage for its filter. The removable 37-ounce water tank and 3.5-5 inches maximum cup height. It includes 15 professional bar pressure, which can ensure premium quality results always.

The large water tank reservoir. You can remove it easily and clean it properly. The large Make sure always use 2% milk at refrigerator temperature. The self-priming operates for minimum start-up preparation. The steam wand of this machine is good.

Ultimately, To compare the affordable price, this espresso machine’s features and quality are much better than other machines. Under the price 200, this machine is another best machine which recently we reviewed.


1. It is compatible with soft espresso pods.

2. Fast boiling and self-priming pump.

3. It is a fairly lightweight and compact design.

4. The stell housing system is pretty nice 

5. It is equipped with a double filter


  1. Poor quality temper.
  2. water resivoir is finicky.
  3. Frother doesn’t make the best foam
  4. No built-grinder.


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