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Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands Reviews & Top Picks

Does your day start with a hot mug of coffee? You are at the right place. Here, we do not consider coffee as a beverage but an ultimate source of energy and pleasure. A refreshing cup of coffee drains away from your tiredness with one sip. And when on this topic, it is impossible to ignore the best Vietnamese coffee brands that keep bringing us our favorite coffee every time. The true essence of Vietnamese coffee lies in the brands’ harvesting methods to ensure high-quality standards. A few selected Vietnam coffee brands are discussed next.

Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands Reviews

1. Cafe Du Monde Vietnamese Coffee

Cafe Du Monde Vietnamese Coffee

Café du Monde, with its exquisite Vietnamese texture and taste, soothes the soul as well as the taste buds. It’s blended in a manner to assist the early morning rush we always find ourselves in.

2. Trung Nguyen Coffee

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee

It has the reputation of being one of the best Vietnamese coffee brands. This indigenous coffee brands follow all the recipes that make Vietnamese coffee the best in the world. It is enriched with authentic blends of local coffee beans that give it the perfect taste. When mixed with the right amount of milk, it results in an unfathomable experience. The best way to balance Vietnamese coffee’s strong flavor is to pair it up with sweetened condensed milk and enjoy the experience.

3. Lang Thang Coffee

Best Vietnamese coffee brands

It is a fairly new company working on delivering its customer experience of the Vietnamese coffee. Established in 2012, the coffee brand has risen to new heights and has achieved enough credibility to be listed among the best Vietnamese coffee brands. The coffee has a bold taste and carries a rich blend of coffee beans, balanced evenly by peaberry coffee flavors.

What Makes Vietnamese Coffee Brands So Unique?

Vietnam coffee brands are known for their rich texture and taste. It is a reputation that has been built after years of hard work and perseverance by the local coffee industry. Initially, the growers’ main focus was to export the locally grown coffee seeds without processing them to their final shape. Most of the coffee beans were exported in their primary shape.

Later on, with the advent of new technology and the soaring high demand for coffee in the modernized world, it only seemed fair to establish a proper method to grow the coffee beans and process them carefully, while preserving the trueness of the Vietnamese taste. Many new brands were set up, but only the best Vietnamese coffee brands have made the cut for our list here. The Vietnam coffee brands have their own specific specialty that makes them stand apart. Whether it is the type and concentration of coffee seeds they use or the way they grind them, each brand has its own distinct identity.

The only common feature that these brands have is the way their coffee is best consumed. Take any of your Vietnam coffee brands, pair it up with sweetened condensed milk and use a drip filter to close the deal. The only way to savor the best Vietnamese coffee brands is to do it the right way!

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