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Best Light Roast Coffee – The Ultimate Guide

This year has seen a lot of changes. Your home was earlier a safe haven from the troubles of work, and now it is your place of work. Working from home is the new normal, and everyone is making the most of it. It is only natural that the self-isolation at home invokes laziness and distractions while you try to work. Why not fix that with a warm cup of the best light roast coffee?

Many wonders if dark roast coffee is a better option for higher caffeine levels. If you are a coffee lover, then you know light roast coffee has the same caffeine level as a dark roast. What’s more, a light roast will have more antioxidants than its dark roast counterparts. Light roast coffee is also less bitter, allowing you to taste the complex flavors of a thinner bodied coffee. 

Even light roast has several variations in terms of its roast and flavor profile. With so many coffee sellers out there, it is challenging to pin down the perfect one for you. This review has curated the best light roast coffee the market has to offer. 

Top 10 Best Light Roast Coffee 

Coffee lovers will have different reasons for choosing light roast coffee. Some prefer it for the acidic notes; others look to make the most of the caffeine energy it provides. 

Here is a list to make your pick easier, from the best flavored coffee to the freshest organic coffee. 

1. LifeBoost Light Roast Coffee Beans

LifeBoost Light Roast Coffee Beans

For the best light roast coffee beans, look no further than LifeBoost. As the name suggests, LifeBoost Light Roast Coffee Beans offers premium roasted beans for the healthiest coffee possible. 

LifeBoost is known for its mantra to promote sustainable farming. The company supports the mountainside farms of Nicaragua that hand-pick the beans for a smooth roast. These local farmers do not use any pesticides and instead wash the beans with spring water. Finally, the beans are sun-dried and rested for 30 days to complete the enhancement of their rich taste.  

No one meets the standard of pure 100% Arabica beans quite like LifeBoost. The care and concern ensure that you get fairly-traded, non-GMO, specialty beans that come freshly roasted from Central America. 

Besides the healthy practice, you also look forward to the flavor notes. The taste of this light roast is rich with citrus overtones. You may smell some chocolate and spicey undertones as well.  

Light roasts typically have strong acidic flavors that may not appeal to the palette of someone with a sensitive stomach. LifeBoost’s attention to detail and roasting process offers you a rich flavor with low acid. So you get a full-bodied flavor without the worry of digestive problems. 

LifeBoost light roast coffee is available in beans or grounds. Either way, you will get the high quality you were promised. 

2. Starbucks Blonde Light Roast – Veranda Blend

Starbucks Blonde Light Roast – Veranda Blend


Blonde Roast Veranda Blend is a mellow yet flavorful blend. Starbucks once again proves its dedication to providing high-grade coffee with this roast. The chain perfected the blend by experimentation that took 80 tries.

The foundation of this coffee is made with the beans curated from the region of Latin America. Starbuck’s in-house team has spent years creating a bond with families running coffee farms in Latin America. This meant learning the tricks and the work of the locals towards making the best light roast coffee. 

The company works with farmers to provide wash process coffee. This process employs water to wash off the de-pulped beans that are fermented over time. The fermentation and the roasting process results in a blend that has a softness to its smell and taste. This light-bodied roast has undertones of baked chocolate and toasted nuts. 

One of the benefits of ordering blends from a Starbucks coffeehouse is that their coffee is available in several formats. Besides whole beans and grounds, you can also try their K-cup and Verismo cup pods. These pods are similar to tea bags. In that, each pod offers a single serving of coffee. If you prefer the taste of instant coffee, you can also get this roast as a micro-ground instant coffee. 

3. Wakey Wakey Light Roast – Tarazu Coffee By Perky Perky

Wakey Wakey Light Roast - Tarazu Coffee By Perky Perky


Tarazu Coffee by Perky Perky introduces you to a robust, powerful flavor that refreshes you instantly. The gourmet coffee beans are locally sourced from Costa Rica and are freshly roasted before shipping it off to customers. 

The brand identifies itself as an empowering company made for women by women. They also extend their support to coffee farmers. This light roast is sourced via fair trade with farmers that hand-pick the best beans.

What makes it different is that it is extra caffeinated in comparison to other light roasts. It does so without giving you a bitter aftertaste. Instead, it is a sweet-tasting coffee. You get hints of chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel.

South America is known for its strong yet flavorsome coffee. This Costa Rican blend lets you experience the energizing local coffee for yourself, right from your home. The energized feeling and sweet taste make it the best flavored coffee in the market. The company name is very on the brand as the coffee keeps you feeling perky and wakey throughout the day.

You can customize your serving format with Perky Perky. The coffee is offered as the whole bean, grounded, or in K-cup pods to suit whatever your daily routine is.

4. Kicking Horse Coffee – Hola, Light Roast

Kicking Horse Coffee – Hola, Light Roast


For the best organic light roast coffee, then Kicking Horse Hola Light Roast is the ideal choice. It transports you to a wild fantasy with its blend sourced from Central and South America.  

They only offer 100% certified organic Arabica beans sourced via fair trade. Their beans are shade-grown, which have several ecological benefits and enhance the flavor of the beans. These are then freshly roasted in the company’s hometown, the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

This light roast is known for the complexity it provides to its flavor profile and aroma. The moment you take in its scent, your nostrils are overwhelmed with the smell of brown sugar and cocoa powder. You may also get hints of ripe berries. Ripe berries account for the juicy red currant flavor you get from the first sip—the acidic flavor pairs well with the rich, honey body. 

Kicking Horse light roast is available only in grounded form. Nevertheless, you can try it out with several brewing methods. Coffee lovers commonly enjoy this blend as French press or espresso. For a quick cup, you can also have it as a cold brew. The acidic and rich flavor keeps your spirits high and sets you up for a day of productivity.

5. Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa Light Roast

Peet's Coffee Colombia Luminosa Light Roast


This is the best light roast coffee you can get in the affordable category. The Colombia Luminosa Breakfast Blend is Peet’s first light roast in over 50 years of its existence. Their long journey has helped them accumulate coffee beans from only the top coffee growing regions.

As the name suggests, the beans for this light roast coffee are brought from the Huila region in Colombia. This region is full of highlands that have rich, volcanic soil that provides the best coffee beans. The farmers carefully choose the beans that have light and mild characteristics to create Peet’s coffee unique flavor. 

Those who have tried this blend report flavors that are uniquely Peet’s. It has an Ethiopian aromatic that has floral and sweet scents. Full-bodied and “bright” blends, no one is immune to the delicate flavor of Peet’s light roast coffee. 

The roasted beans come pre-ground to make your brewing quicker for on-the-go coffee. Peet’s coffee is a favorite, especially when you consider their motto – “coffee first, everything else second.”

6. Real Good Coffee Co – Breakfast Light Blend 

Real Good Coffee Co – Breakfast Light Blend 


This breakfast coffee starts your day on a brisk note with its smooth and sleek taste. The Real Good Coffee Co Breakfast Blend offers 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. 

The company’s mission is to provide a cost-effective and tasty solution for all your caffeine needs. They are locally sourced for premium quality beans and are freshly roasted by their in-house team. 

One of the more commendable things about this coffee is its packaging. The packaging is 100% recyclable and resealable. Furthermore, this whole bean coffee works with almost any coffee brewer. It is safe to say that this particular blend beats most coffee products in a matter of convenience.  

The light roast coffee has no additives, preservative, or artificial flavoring. You can taste the slight citrusy flavor, along with smooth flavor notes of milk chocolate and cream. The experts at Real Good Coffee Co have tried to replicate the essence of a Sunday morning brunch with this. That is why it is believed to be the best breakfast blend coffee. 

The Real Good Coffee Co has over 30 years of experience in making coffee. So you know you will always get your money’s worth. 

7. Cameron’s Coffee Light Roast Breakfast Blend

Cameron's Coffee Light Roast Breakfast Blend


Cameron’s coffee offers a variety of light roast blends. The Light Roast Breakfast Blend is the most popular choice. Besides this, they also offer French Organic Light Roast, Southern Pecan, and Vanilla Hazelnut Roast.

The brand only curates beans that are in the top 10% around the world for premium quality. The in-house team at Cameron’s Coffee has roaster experts that roast and blend the sustainably sourced beans.  

The roastmaster uses small-batch roasting to evenly roast the beans. Their roasting process involves custom drums that recirculate heat to cool the roasted beans quickly. The special cooling process to ensure consistency in quality is how Cameron’s Coffee has created a name for itself. 

The Breakfast Blend is popular for its delicious and smooth taste. It is a bright blend with complex layers of fruity overtones—the fruity aroma pairs well with nuts and cinnamon undertones. 

Cameron’s Coffee Blends are available in grounded form as well as in eco pods. The eco pods are easy to use and help avoid any plastic waste. 

8. Subtle Earth Organic Light Roast Coffee

Subtle Earth Organic Light Roast Coffee


Subtle Earth Light Roast Coffee is a flavorful Honduran coffee with profound complexity. This coffee is provided by Café Don Pablo. It is a small group of coffee growers and roasters started by a couple in the Honduras region. 

Coffee lovers are assured of the quality as Subtle Earth is certified organic by CCOF. CCOF or California Certified Organic Farmers is a United States department that advocates organic culture. They are also AIB Food Safety certified. Their coffee is GMO-free and has no chemical inputs involved. 

The farmers take great precaution in picking the right coffee beans. The cherries are fertilized alongside vermiculture. They are composted in the Marcala region, which is at a high altitude that does not see a lot of insects. In any case, these farmers use only all-natural repellents to get rid of bugs. The roasters employ small-batch roasting for an even and light roast.  

The high altitude coffee has a luscious flavor with a smooth finish. The light roast accounts for the mildly sweet aftertaste. The sweet and caramelly taste is consistent with every sip you take. The full-bodied flavor with chocolatey hints and low acidic taste is why customers keep coming back to this coffee.

For a truly organic coffee, Subtle Earth provides perhaps the best light roast coffee. 

9. Tiny Footprint Organic Light Roast Signature Blend

Tiny Footprint Organic Light Roast Signature Blend


The Tiny Footprint Light Roast Blend is the first of it’s kind. It is the world’s first “carbon negative” coffee. For every pound of coffee they sell, Tiny Footprints donate a portion of the proceeds towards funding reforestation projects in Ecuador. The reforestation will help in removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere to provide a healthy habitat for animals and plants. With climate change on the horizon, this brand provides a way for you to make a difference with their coffee.

The company sources its beans from several places at once to provide customers with a variety of flavors. The in-house team roast and taste each bean to assess the quality before buying. The roasters use the time-tested German Probat roaster. This 1960s vintage roaster is retrofitted with ribbon burners that evenly roast and enhance the flavor of the beans. As a result, you get a flavorful finish with every brew. 

The flavor profile of this light roast has the freshest flavors and aromas. It is a bright blend with a lemony taste that pairs well with the orange overtones. The grounded coffee comes in fully biodegradable bags to reduce wastage and further their ecological mission. 

The crafting method and their eco-friendly solutions make this coffee a strong competitor for the position of the best light roast coffee.

10. Wink Coffee Blonde Roast 

Wink Coffee Blonde Roast 


Wink Coffee uses single-origin beans from Colombia to create a smooth and light finish for their Blonde Roast Coffee. The freshly roasted beans serve up as a delicious cup of joe that is irresistible to all. 

A blend balances out the taste with different complementing beans. On the other hand, single-origin beans have a more exotic and strong taste for a unique flavor profile. Single-origin coffees are a luxury product in the coffee market. Wink Coffee offers premium quality single-origin coffee without emptying your wallet. 

All their beans are sourced from a single farm in Colombia’s mountainous region, Andes. The beans are roasted in the company’s Central Texas facility. The roasters employ small-batch roasting to maximize the robust flavors of these beans. 

From morning coffee runs to evening coffee breaks, the flavors of this roast will always refresh you. The flavor profile is vibrant due to the citrus and lemony overtones. Every sip ends with a silky finish with a chocolatey aftertaste. You also smell a pleasant scent from the nuttiness of the lightly roasted beans.

Wink Light Roast Coffee is available as whole beans. This is ideal for a cold or hot brew with French presses and espresso makers.

Final Thoughts

Best Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffee has taken the world by the storm. It expands your coffee experience with subtle flavors and high energy. What makes a coffee the best light roast coffee will depend on who the judge is. 

If you are a sweet tooth, then Wakey Wakey light roast coffee is the way to go. For a low acidic flavor, LifeBoost provides a great caffeine drink. Any of the above-mentioned coffees will work for light roast lovers. These coffee brands have proven their hard work by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with local coffee growers. In case you are not sure what you are looking for, do not worry.

Many of these brands offer online quizzes to help with your decision. The quiz asks basic questions about your general eating habits to determine what flavor profile you will enjoy the most. 

One thing is for sure – you will not find the answer you are looking for without trying. So get to work and experiment with the flavors from the endless selection of light roast coffees out there. 



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