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A Few Words About Coffee Yet

It’s hard to imagine a world without coffee.

Our world has come a long way since humans first started drinking coffee, and today coffee production is a gigantic industry, employing more than 20 million people worldwide. Coffee is a valuable commodity, ranking second after oil in international market trading.

Coffee lovers can be found around the world, and many famous people were known lovers of the drink. One was Balzac, the 19th-century French novelist, and playwright. He was a true coffee connoisseur, as he drank it very frequently and was known for preferring a strong brew.

Voltaire, another famous French writer, also loved coffee. He sometimes drank 50 cups a day! He lived to be 84 years old, so this coffee consumption clearly didn’t hurt him. Many told him that drinking coffee in such quantities was harmful, but he merely joked that if coffee is poison, then it has a slow and pleasant action.

Salvador Dali, Victor Hugo, Beethoven, and many others loved the drink, too. The list of coffee lovers is endless. All of these different people are united by their enjoyment of coffee.

I myself did not use to attach much importance to the beverage. But then I began to try better varieties, and my life changed. Now, coffee is my life. I have learned so much about coffee and I want to share it through this blog.

So, what is this blog really about?

Let’s take a look.

Our Story

The story of Coffee Yet begins with a gift. My friends gave me a coffee maker for my 35th birthday. This gift changed my attitude towards coffee, both as a drink and as a hobby.

Three years later, a professional espresso machine and a separate cabinet in the kitchen for different varieties of coffee appeared in my home. I read recipes on various sites and experimented with espresso. How many wonderful drinks I made!

I once offered my friend a cappuccino. He was delighted and said, “David, you make coffee no worse than a barista! Can you open your own coffee shop?” The idea seemed attractive, but I decided to express my love for coffee in a different way. I created my blog.

I started alone; I thought that I could do it alone. But after two months I realized that I needed helpers who are better at some points than me. I needed a team.

I started looking for people who already know something about coffee and wanted to develop their knowledge further. I posted on forums and on Facebook and created an ad on the blog to recruit writers with experience in the coffee sector. After a couple of weeks, the first applicants appeared.

I understood that I needed two people. One needed to be well-versed in espresso machines, coffee grinders, and other coffee equipment. The other needed to know coffee like the back of his hand. I needed someone who makes coffee professionally, knows the intricacies of preparing different drinks and had made with his own hands more than just one latte. I hoped to find a barista with a wild desire to develop in this direction and with fire in his eyes.

I interviewed those who had responded to my posts. As a result, Dana Arnold and Hugh Peters joined the team. Together, we took the blog to a new level and continue to develop it. I am sure that in the future our team will become even larger, and the quality of articles will improve even further.

Our Values


It is important to us that the coffee and products we recommend do not look like any other in the category. We try to choose products so that everyone can find something that suits them.


Before recommending a product to you, we do in-depth research to minimize the possibility of a bad purchase. Your time and nerves are important to us.


We are not influenced by money, and we don’t work with sponsors of a particular product. All our reviews are independent. We are honest with you.

What We Have Prepared For You

Coffee Caller About Us

Coffee beans

According to legend, in what is today the country of Ethiopia, a young, ninth-century shepherd named Kaldi saw his goats eating reddish berries from small bushes. Afterward, they began to frolic with extraordinary energy.

The curious shepherd decided to try the berries and leaves. He did not like the taste, but soon the young man noticed that fatigue had left him, and his mood improved considerably.

Missionary monks learned from the shepherd about the miraculous properties of these unusual leaves and berries. They were able to make a recipe for decoction of the coffee, and the drink helped return people to vigor and strength, banished their blues, and helped them not to fall asleep during long prayers.

Nowadays, everyone is able to recognize a coffee bean and is familiar with the effects of coffee. However, not everyone can distinguish Arabica beans from Robusta.

Relying on our experience, we have described the various types of coffee beans for you. Here, you will find information on the different types of beans and how they vary in taste, as well as the ways to prepare each particular type of bean. It won’t be difficult for you with the help of our article!

Brewing methods

Which brewing method makes the best coffee?

We have already prepared a guide on how to brew coffee. All the possible methods are described here, starting with a French press and ending with cold brew. You will be able to choose which coffee to make based on your abilities, cooking time, and taste preferences.

Each method is described in great detail with simple steps.

Brewing coffee is easy, the main thing is to love the taste!

Brewing equipment

There have been significant improvements in the technological methods of making coffee. Now, to make your favorite drink, you need only to insert a coffee capsule and press a button on your machine.

There are, of course, a variety of coffee machines available. This is where problems arise when choosing equipment.

Which coffee brewing equipment is best for your home? What about your office? How often should it be cleaned? What types of coffee does it make? How well will the coffee be made?

But never fear! We have already given you the answers to all these questions and you can make a choice without difficulty.


Coffee is a drink that can be prepared in different ways, so there are endless flavors to discover.

There are so many ways to make your coffee, and so we dedicated a whole article to this issue.

It is important to remember that the taste of the drink depends not only on the method of preparation, but also on the type of coffee bean used and how it has been roasted and/or ground, so take these factors into account when making coffee purchases.

Coffee Review

Looking for the best coffee brand?

We have compared and reviewed many coffee brands. Here, you will find reviews on the best decaf coffee, find out which coffee beans are the best for a cold brew, and so much more.

Is Coffee Yet For You?

Website for you if …

  • You want to drink only high-quality coffee,
  • It matters to you what equipment you use for making coffee,
  • You want to enhance your knowledge of coffee and coffee culture,
  • You do not want to spend a lot of time looking for a good product, or
  • You want to give a nice gift to a coffee-lover,

Then this blog is for you!


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