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6 Must-Have Coffee Machines

There is a long list of available coffee machines in the market today. Each one is better or equal to the other. Owning one depends on your budget and what method you are preferred to do when you are making that cup.

Having your own espresso machine at home, will eventually bring down your coffee budget low. If you are coffee lover, and cannot function each day without your cup of Joe, then you might want to invest in one. The initial cost would be a little bit higher, but you will see the effect in the long run.

On this article we listed 6 of the best must-have coffee machines in the market today. Let us all find out what is inside their list.

Six of the best coffee machines

Manual machine – ROK Espresso Maker

Not only does this ready-to-use machine create a marvelous espresso, it makes a decent work of art for your kitchen. Complete with all you’ll need to make a top-class pot of coffee – plunger, water chamber and portafilter, splitter, storage tin and stainless steel milk frother – it is an attention-grabber of the highest order.


Upper class – Bugatti Diva Coffee Machine

This Bugatti number is sure to wow your kitchen crowd. It’s a stunner – and guarantees to make the perfect espresso, cappuccino, latte or macchiato every time. With a cup warmer to boot, this is definitely one to have on show.

Pod machine – Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Easy to use and with no fuss, this small but powerful machine delivers coffee shop quality at a fraction of the price. Whether you like your cup frothy or intense, there’s a plethora of pods available – just pop one in and you’re ready to go in a matter of seconds.


Tamper, tamper – Krups XP5210 Espresso

Get yourself some top-quality coffee with this great-looking machine. An automated tamping system gives a perfect espresso every time and at the perfect temperature. Plus with a useful steam nozzle to foam up your milk, it’s a great all-rounder.


Full service – Krups EA8005 Bean to Cup

Possibly the best bean-to-cup machine on the shelves, this compact device is first class. The 15-bar pressure and adjustable water temperature make it ideal for all manner of brews. And with an integrated burr grinder, one cup just won’t be enough.

Smooth operator – Nespresso U

Cutting-edge technology combined with great looks makes this new U machine an ideal addition to any kitchen. Load up one of the many coffee capsules available and at the touch of a button, you’ve your very own home-based barista. Choose from three sizes for an authentic-tasting, hassle-free hot beverage.

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